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We take noise complaints seriously!

As a safety mechanism during shut-down, the energy is redirected to the atmosphere through the silencers. We respect our neighbors. We want to assure you that with all environmental aspects we take noise complaints seriously. We have engaged an independent third party, Workplace Hearing Assessments & Training Ltd., to perform sound level assessments during normal operations and shut-down.

All planned maintenance is scheduled within daytime hours, in compliance with Halifax Regional Municipality.

New Silencers and planned plant service are completed.

Sound measurements have been taken after silencers were installed during peak pressure and normal operations. The conclusion from WHA is noise levels have decreased upon shut down, start-up and normal operations.

Power Plant started ramping up pressure at 7 am Tuesday, August 18, for 9-10 am turbine start. Neighborhood locations were monitored by WHA during ramp up and after generator was activated. Sound tests were completed while shut down and running during the daytime and evenings.

Any planned shut-downs for maintenance will be posted on our website.

Tuesday, August 25 at:

10:00 am, ramping down to inspect valves for a 1:00 – 2:00 pm start-up.


Friday, October 9 at:

11:00 am – Generator over voltage trip

Monday, October 12 at:

5:00 pm – Ramped up for 7:45 pm start up

9:15 pm – Trip

9:30 pm – Back on grid


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