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Our policy is designed to ensure that we can verify that the biomass consumed in our generation facilities has been legally produced and is environmentally sustainable. We will comply, as a minimum, with the sustainability requirements of our regional and provincial governments. We are committed to a balanced approach to produce enough finished lumber to create just enough residues to fuel the biomass plant. The excess heat and steam reduces and or eliminates the dependence on fossil fuels and the ash is used in agriculture.

In addition, our procurement process is aimed at ensuring that the production and delivery of our biomass energy will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions compared with fossil fuel generation, and give preference to biomass sources that maximize this benefit.

Hefler strives to:


Deploy good practices to protect and/or improve soil, water (both ground and surface) and air quality.

Contribute to local prosperity in the area of supply chain management and biomass production.

Contribute to the social well-being of employees and the local population in the area of the biomass production.