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We recognize that Safety is Good Business

Hefler has fostered a strong commitment to health and safety among all of its employees, contractors and visitors. This commitment, along with ongoing training and education, has given every employee an understanding of how to identify and avoid hazards. As a result, these practices have helped us reduce workplace accidents and time loss.

We conduct our business in a sound manner that values human health and our community. Our Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee meets regularly to ensure we are up to date and compliant on our Health and Safety standards. All employees have the necessary information, resources and training for a safe work environment.

Longest Period of Consecutive Days Accident Free

Congratulations to all Hefler employees on this great accomplishment.

Last workplace accident was

  • 421 days ago
  • We take our corporate responsibility for the safety of our people and community seriously.

    In response to feedback from our neighbours and local officials, our team immediately worked with design engineers on how to suppress and reduce noise levels during planned and unplanned turbine trips.

    Silencers were researched and reviewed by our engineering team and in August, these silencers were installed.

    Hefler hired an independent Audiologist from Workplace Hearing assessments and Training Ltd. to do a thorough report while our plant was running, these reports indicated acceptable noise levels measured on our property and surrounding area.

    The following table contains the noise levels measured in the community surrounding Hefler Forest Products Ltd. The values presented are the average of the samples collected at each location during each condition.

    Start Up Procedure
    Regular Operation

    The ambient noise levels present at the point of reception during the nighttime assessment exceeded what would be acceptable for a quiet residential area. However, the noise levels were again consistent with levels for a dwelling near a highway. The primary source of noise at this location was the road traffic on NS Highway Route 101.


    The noise levels of the regular operation of the biomass facility were within the generally accepted guidelines for community noise prior to the installation of the muffler system. The installation of the muffler system has significantly reduced the ambient noise levels in the surrounding community during the venting process. Based on the noise levels measured in the community after the muffler system was installed:

    1. the regular operation of the biomass facility will continue to be inaudible to homeowners in the surrounding community
    2. the noise created by the venting process during the start-up and shutdown procedures will be within the generally accepted guidelines for this type of residential area
    3. the predominant source of noise in the community is NS Highway Route 101.

    If this report raises any questions please do not hesitate to contact the writer:

    Michael Sharpe, M.Sc., M.Sc. Aud (C), Audiologist
    Telephone: (902) 461-9747 / Fax: (902) 463-6854
    E-Mail: michaelsharpe@eastlink.ca